Saturday 11 February 2017

Cafe Mareva, Paris

So as if it wasn't clear from my Instagram feed, I went to Paris. The home of bread and pastry and pretty much the best damn cakes in the word. Unfortunately, I cant eat any of that stuff. Why? Because I'm vegan! I know what you are thinking, crazy animal girl but really I'm vegan because I have no choice! I'm allergic to most foods ...which is bloody brilliant! I guess I'm a low key vegan and I really shouldn't be. I think because most of my friends eat meat and look at me like I'm a complete weirdo that I don't really talk much about it. Let's be fair vegans get a bad wrap for being preachy which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In reality its something that is really cool and I get to experience the best foods!!

Anyway the struggle of travelling anywhere or even going out for dinner is finding foods that are vegan. Paris, I thought would have nothing that I could eat! I was wrong. My first breakfast in Paris was literally life changing. I went to this small little café close to the place I was staying called Café Mareva. The café prides itself on being dairy free and sold the most amazing waffles! I was feeling super healthy that day and ordered a smoothie bowl- like the ones you see on Instagram and OMG! I died! I'm pretty sure if I tried making it myself I would end up making some toxic slush! However, I'm still going to try, it is so worth the struggle!

 So if you are ever in Paris definitely track down this café it is so worth it!! #noregrets

Lizzzy Bee x

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